Recommended Supplies for your Maine Coon kitten or adult:

Orijen Original (previously Cat & Kitten) is a top-quality food with no fillers and no meat meals and their associated chemicals. The best deal is to go to an independent pet store (brick and mortar) that participates in the rewards program which will let you get the 13th bag free (you have to get them all from the same store). If you need it online you can get it through Chewy.

Nulo wet food is good and has large cans which work well for me. Orijen came out with wet food too that I hear is excellent.

Vetri-Science Lysine chews – boosts the immune system when given 1-2 times a day. They can be found on Chewy or a stronger and larger chew sold as Vetri-Science Pro can be obtained through your vet’s online pharmacy.

Feather wands are a huge favorite. Just use some duct tape to secure the two rods together. Put away when not playing with your cat as cats tend to eat string which can cause the need for surgery.

Plastic spring toys – my cats go bonkers over them.

Tunnels – my cats love this one even though it’s not the biggest tunnel. Incorporate it and some boxes into the play time with the wand and they will be in heaven as they jump and pounce.

Ball tower – my cats prefer this one. Do not leave the butterfly on when not watching, the cats will eat it or at a minimum shred it. I stopped putting it on and they like it as is.

Refillable catnip toys are popular too.

Other ideas & tips – Mouse toys, kicker toys, ping pong balls and the fabric spring toys are good too.

Rotate out toys every few days as they get bored with what they have out.

Please do not use items not intended for cats like bottle caps and paper clips as toys. That’s just asking for an expensive surgery and a lot of pain for your kitty if it ingests it. If you have a home office, be vigilant. I have to hide my paper clips to keep my girls out of them.

Medium Dog Bed makes a great cat bed for a big kitty.

Booster seat for car rides when not using a carrier. Cat needs to wear a harness to attach to the seat. .

Cat tree – I recommend a tree from Cat Tree King or making your own since many of my cats have giant lineage. This is where Cat tree King shines; the trees are an investment but they are sturdy and large for our big kitties. They sell out regularly so sign up for email notifications to get a tree.  Their site is AVOID – Frisco and Kitty Mansions cat trees; I was quite happy with mine until the sisal rope wore through and I found out they are cardboard tubes and not wood as advertised! Rather dangerous for big kitties!

Litter box – I use top entry boxes; I bought the first few then made them with totes from Home Depot for a much better price. Note cut a hole in the lid with a utility knife on cardboard on concrete not while on the tote as that will crack the plastic and leave a jagged edge. The store-bought ones do have a nice thick lid which helps hold the weight. I’m looking into reinforcing my tote lids.

 Litter – I use wood bedding pellets that can be bought at a ranch supply store. The pellets turn to sawdust when wet and absorb all urine odor so absolutely no ammonia smell when cleaned regularly. Scoop poop daily. I use a sifting litter box set to clean the boxes and preserve the good litter so it lasts a long time. It’s cheap, good for the environment and better for the cats then clay. The tracking is minimal unless you let the box go too long and there’s a lot of sawdust in it. You can use what you like but No Scented litter; that’s harsh on their sensitive noses.

Nail Clippers – These work great. The brush is not effective on the cat but great for cleaning off cat trees, & furniture. ttps://

Metal Comb – The one I have was originally part of the set above now it’s sold as a pair of combs.

Note – Do NOT get a furminator or any other grooming tool with blades; it will cut the cat’s undercoat and ruin it! If there is any kind of cutting blade, do not buy it.

Bathing – It’s best to bathe monthly so it is familiar and part of the kitten/cat’s routine. Some cats get much greasier then others and really need the baths. Some do well without them except for occasional dingle berries. Some cats need help as they age and it’s less stressful for them if bathing is already routine.

Shampoo can be purchased at most local pet stores (avoid citrus scented ones as citrus is toxic to cats). I prefer Groomer’s Goop products.

Groomer’s Goop Glossy Coat Dog & Cat Shampoo

Groomer’s Goop Glossy Coat Dog & Cat Conditioner

Groomer’s GOOP Pet De-Greaser

Microfiber Towels

Oster pet dryers on ebay work well and don’t scare most of my cats unlike the higher pitched human hair dryers. They are not made anymore so check ebay. Other pet dryers might need to be considered such as the flying pig – yes that’s a brand. 😊