Maine Coon Kittens




Seraphina & Azim  welcomed a sweet red mackerel with white boy in December. His name is Hidalgo.

He’s sweet & quirky due to being an only child.



















Zia Kokuro & Tayte Aito’s  kittens  born May 5th

Zia delivered six healthy kittens. 

2 black torties, a black smoke, a red, a red smoke and a black.                

































Sarika Kwanjai & Tayte Aito kittens born May 14  

They had two boys and a girl. 🙂 

























Callie Rose will be paired with Tayte Aito this summer.

Smoke and silver kittens are possible as well as torties both black and smoke. Red, red smoke or red silver boys are very likely.